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Museum of Ice Cream, Miami

The Museum of Ice Cream is in essence, the exact opposite of what you immediately picture of the word ‘museum.’ Beginning as a small pop-up exhibit in New York, then growing to San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Museum has been seen from the likes of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Chance the Rapper, and Victoria Beckham, to name a few. Its brightly colored walls with perfect photo lighting, candy inspired installations, and of course, the ice cream theme, evokes the wonder filled, child-like emotion along with fantasy sensory experiences.

Coined as the new Disney Land, The Museum of Ice Cream is a dream come true for millennials and the upcoming generations.p started as Fashion Director, Rachael Russell Saiger, met Founder of MOIC, MaryEllis Bunn, and decided together it was only natural to create something fun and truly authentic as the Museum was welcomed to Miami. “As Miansai headquarters is based here, it was the perfect fit. The pieces are quintessentially Miami with a twist,” as Saiger says. 

Cue the Museum of Ice Cream’s entrance to vibrant Miami. We’ve heard about it from the likes of all the Insta worthy photos and buzz, and now it’s our turn!

In honor of their launch during Miami Art Week, Miansai teamed up with Museum of Ice Cream to collaborate on our two-piece capsule collection. Drawing inspiration from none other than the vibrant and electric culture of Miami and MOIC’s untraditional take on the definition of a Museum, the collection features the Palm Tree Pendant Necklace and the iconic Screw Cuff in gold plated sterling silver and the ever famous, millennial pink enamel. 

Museum of Ice cream | Miansai

The Sprinkle Pool at the Museum of Ice Cream.

Museum of Ice Cream | Miansai

Museum of Ice Cream, Miami, FL

Museum of Ice Cream | Screw Cuff | Miansai

Museum of Ice Cream Screw Cuff


What do we love about The Museum of ice Cream? Everything. The Sprinkle Pool is basically everything you dreamt of doing as a child, but in adult form.

The Disco Coconut Room pretty much sums up Miami. If Tropical House music had a decor, this would definitely be it. The Cherry wrecking ball offered a great photo opp with a slight hint of nostalgia- it’s just opposite of the banana swing, in a forest of pink palms. POP, the Popsicle installation made with 2500 treats, is inspired by Miami’s sweltering heat and the chilling relief popsicles bring- who doesn’t need a good refreshment moment after walking through 90 degree weather?

Museum of Ice Cream | Miami, FL.
Museum of Ice Cream, Miami