Watch Care

Caring For Your Miansai Watch


You just purchased a Miansai Swiss-made watch, designed from start to finish in our Miami-based studio. Each watch has a Swiss-made quartz movement and a premium Italian leather strap.

Keep the strap dry, and avoid immersing it in water. This dries out leather. We recommend cleaning your leather band about four times a year with a gentle leather cleaner. If your strap is wet, dry it carefully with a cloth and do not let it dry in the sun or next to a heat source.

Please note that any exposure to moisture and skin care products may accelerate the aging of your leather strap.



The M24 comes in refined one-hand design, featuring a Japanese Quartz Movement. The M24 with one hand, allows the time to be displayed using only one hand.

The time between hours is marked 0 in 5 minute increments, only between 12 and 1. It is an elevated approach to telling time as the user must get use to breaking the hour into 15, 30, 45 minutes by looking at the position of the hand.

All of our leather straps are made with genuine Italian leather.

M24 Telling Time